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Road Warriors Lacrosse is a non-profit organization focused on empahisizing ACADEMICS for our Haudenosaunee players.  We want to develop your lacrosse players to their ultimate potential while encouraging fun, fast, creative lacrosse.  A large part of our mission is to raise money to provide merit and need based financial aid to First Nations youth lacrosse players.

We see an opportunity to use the game of lacrosse to motivate our young players to work harder in school. By tracking effort, attendance, discipline and by celebrating successes we hope to create a sense of responsibility equal to or greater than training and game time. We also recognize the need to get our young players on the field more. Getting them exposure and growing the First Nations game.  The more we can take the strong box advantage we have and carry it over to the field game, the more competitive our players become and the better our Iroquois teams become.

We want to fill the void of providing a field experience that balances box instead of at the expense of box

While college preparatory and college programs want box players on their teams, recruiting happens at the field tournaments.  Road Warriors has helped players beginning with the Thompson Brothers and carrying through to the present day with Tehoka.  Mark Burnam (Red) is one of the most trusted references for college coaches.  If you play for his program, you will get exposure.  And if you work hard, improve your game, and have the academics, a college program will give you an opportunity.

Other organizations allow First Nations kids to play for free primarily to make their teams better. We are the only club that is First Nations First. We invite players from around the country to play with our Iroquois players. Exposing each group to a different culture, we hope that the shared experience is beneficial to everyone. 

The First Nations style of play is unique and much desired among college preparatory schools, colleges, and universities that play the sport at a competitive level.  Creative, fast, and fun to play.  Lacrosse skills can help open possibilities for players from the First Nations.  Unfortunately, too many players have not had the level of academic support that allows a student-athlete to take advantage of these opportunities.  It is our mission to change this for as many players as possible.

Mark (Red) Burnam

Founder and Director

Brian A. Wong

General Manager

Road Warrior Lacrosse, Inc.

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