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Mark Burnam Director

Brian Wong General Manager

Mission Statement

The game of lacrosse has a much deeper meaning among the Iroquois Nation. Our Grandfathers told us many stories that would relate to lacrosse and how one should conduct themselves and the importance of the INDIVIDUAL to the game. Lacrosse was a gift to us from the Creator, to be played for his enjoyment and as a medicine game for healing the people. (

The Road Warriors Lacrosse Club is a Delaware Incorporated 501(3)(c) Non-Stock Non-Profit. We have been providing field lacrosse opportunities for Iroquois youth players for over 10 years.  Our goal has been to get exposure for Iroquois players at the national level for possible college opportunities.

We would like to expand our organization in the First Nations to increase the pool of players that we reach. An increase in the number of field players would also help the Iroquois National teams.

With multiple training locations operated under one organization, we can create a large developmental player pool in the First Nations.

This combined program would also increase the likelihood of accomplishing our other goals:

â?¢ Emphasizing the importance of academic effort in a youth players lacrosse career

â?¢ Providing financial assistance/scholarship funds to offset the cost of youth lacrosse for the families

Proposed Organizational Structure

The Program

Our goal is to have multiple training locations across the Nations, where the players enrolled in the program would meet and train under the guidance of coaches for each age group. The lead trainer and coaches would all be qualified through a program covered by Mark Burnam. Once a year a camp would be held with all players in the program. A detailed flow chart of a potential organizational structure is in the next section.

Teams would be formed in each age group. From the local or age group teams the top players would form National Teams. All teams, local and national would play tournaments. All players would receive a minimum of 24 training sessions throughout the year.

Sponsorship Proposal

We are actively seeking financial sponsors who are interested in growing the game and developing Iroquois players.  The Nation that founded the game has the least structured development program of all the nations that competed in the FIL World Games. Our player pool is already one of the smallest and to counter that we need to be more organized.

Having a First Nations first field and box lacrosse club that develops as many players as possible will give all who participate a chance to play club lacrosse at varying levels. This in turn will keep the number of youth kids playing for as long as possible.

To make this program happen we will need financial commitments from the participating families. To get it off the ground and make it affordable, we will need financial support from private sponsors.

As a Delaware Incorporated 501(3)(c), we can accept tax deductible donations in the forms of money and goods. Sponsors will be recognized on our website, social media, and team gear if desired.

Operational Structure

In this program, the Iroquois National Coach (Mark Burnam) would be a full time employee overseeing the entire operation. His title would be Director of the First Nations National Development Program (INDP). 

Job Descriptions


â?¢ Establishing and operating training locations in each Nation for a total of 5 sites.

â?¢ Hire and train a Head Trainer and Assistant Trainer for each location. 

â?¢ Assign team coaches for each age group. 

â?¢ Periodically attend training at each location for training and quality control purposes.

â?¢ Oversee talent evaluations at each location and for the National Teams made up of players from each location.

â?¢ Scheduling of training and playing events for teams at each level to include scrimmages and tournaments.

â?¢ Report periodically on the status of the program, operationally and financially, to the Iroquois National Chairman

â?¢ Organize and operate Iroquois National Satellite Camps for fundraising.

â?¢ Establish and maintain relationships with colleges and universities interested in Iroquois players

o Research financial aid, local scholarships, and other potential funding at these institutions

â?¢ Oversee the operations of Road Warrior Lacrosse Non Profit to include:

o Academic effort review of players in the program

o Private fundraising efforts

o Awarding of scholarship/aid to families in the program.



â?¢ Oversight of the non-profit to include 

o Director

o Accounting

o Academic Review Process for participants



â?¢ Assist the Director in all job functions

â?¢ Oversee Road Warrior Lacrosse Club partnerships outside of the First Nations

â?¢ Communicate with administrative support staff

â?¢ Marketing and social media

â?¢ Quality control

â?¢ Non lacrosse training functions to include leadership, mentoring, and communications


The goal is to build a development program that is self sustainable through tuitions and private sponsorship. The spreadsheets below demonstrate what we believe are conservative numbers to start.

Totals â?? price per player calculation - $70/per month

Summarization of how the program can sustain itself.

The vision is 5 training locations developing a pool of players in every grade from 3rd through 10th.  Each training location would conduct 24 training sessions per year in 3 blocks of 8 based on schedules set by the Director. This will allow tailoring based on coaching and venue availability.

Each team would participate in tournaments and scrimmages throughout the year. All programs would come together once per year for a program wide training camp.

Players will be evaluated and identified based on their skill level and academic effort. The goal is to keep as many players training and playing for as long as possible to keep the pool as large as possible. We would do this by creating as many teams necessary and competing across multiple skill levels. 

As the numbers demonstrate, with an initial private financial contribution the revenue generated from player fees at the base level projected will sustain the program. 

The annual fee is significantly lower than it costs to play field club lacrosse. If we could continue private donations at a sustained level, we could ear mark those dollars to lowering the annual fees for their players directly. If we can increase our revenues through fundraising and/or additional satellite camps, gear sales, etc..we can also drive down the cost.

The current projections are based on 350 players total in the program. If that number is higher, those additional dollars can go towards lowering the cost per player as well. We would reward the dollars back through academic effort scholarship awards and need based financial aid in order to maintain the commitment levels of the participating families.

You have an opportunity to grow the talent pool for the National teams while also helping the community by assisting the Road Warriors Non Profit in its mission.

â?¢ Organized field lacrosse for Iroquois players 

â?¢ Develop all positions on the field

â?¢ Emphasize academic effort as a requirement for Lacrosse development

â?¢ Get Iroquois players exposure and get more playing in college at a high level

All of these leads to a stronger Iroquois National program that can better compete with the USA and Canada

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