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Road Warriors Lacrosse is extremely proud to power the Iroquois Nationals Development Team!  As a Haudonosaunee First lacrosse club, we will development the next geraration of Iroquois Nationals MenÃ?s Team players.  We will work to ensure that no talent is left behind! With a program geared to Haudenosaunee players that will include a strong emphasis on academics as a critical part of the youth players overall development as a player, we hope to accomplish the following goals:

1.  With approximately 2000+ boys playing lacrosse across the Six Nations, our total pool is smaller than the typical US city. But the percentage of high level players is the best in the world! If we ensure that the younger players get more opportunities, that percentage will increase.

2.  Create a deeper sense of honor at a younger age in regards to playing for the Iroquois Nationals. 

3.  Increase the player pool and create greater competition across all positions for the Iroquois Nationals.

4.  Get more players to the college level by raising their academic standards.  This is critical to the first three goals because the college level is the best place to develop your field skills and put the player in a position to participate at the national level both skill wise and financially.

The key to our success will be the level of COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP! What we mean is, this has to be YOUR program! We need the families to support this club over and above other for profit clubs selling opportunities and exposure.  This program will give you all the exposure you son needs to get oppportunities at the next leve if he develops as a player and ACADEMICALLY.  If you support this program, this program will support you! As a non-profit it can only be sustained by your participation

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