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From our mission statement you know lacrosse is more than a game to us.  With that as the starting point, we build our philosophy through three major components.


We believe we are a stand alone club that can meet the needs of any lacrosse player that has aspirations of playing at the highest levels.  The difference is we do not demand quantity and we provide quality.  Because we are a national team, we do not practice multiple time per week.  But unlike other programs, we concentrate our training through mini camps and focused training sessions that are high rep oriented and fast paced. We schedule less tournaments as a club but our teams have the flexibility to do more if the families choose


We recognize that when something is fun, you will want to do it more often and work harder to get better at it.  Playing fast and encouraging creativity make this game more fun than slow, boring lacrosse


All of our Iroquois players are box players that we help transition to the outside game.  In box, you need to be comfortable with contact and have quick decision making. The ball can not get stuck in your stick. We bring this same philosophy outside.  We want the ball to move fast and we want to play fast.  Unlike your typical local programs, we can provide "real" box experience because our Iroquois players already play that way from April to July in their local box leagues. So when we form our winter box teams, we prefer not to play in hybrid box tournaments or watered down tournaments with modified rules.  Box is a great way to get better quickly. In all aspects of the game from shooting accuracy, passing, quick stick, face dodging, and quick decision making.


YOU CAN NOT BUY YOUR SON A COLLEGE COMMITMENT! Despite this, people pay thousands of dollars and commit there son's and family's time for an entire year believing this is the only path. Our program allows your son to play multiple sports because our training is not spread out. The families and teams get to decide if they want to do more tournaments. The families have more control. That being said, lacrosse is not cheap. Tournaments are not cheap. We believe that we are unique and can offer a value and experience that no other program can.

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